DiscoverME is an interactive, web-based program designed to help Maine schools meet state social studies/Maine history curriculum and assessment requirements. It will serve 4th and 8th grade teachers and students in schools throughout the state. DiscoverME will come online at the same time that all of Maine's 8th grade teachers and students are expected to receive individual, wireless Apple iBook® computers.

Through DiscoverME, students and teachers will participate in statewide projects, access curriculum materials (historic photos, film clips, documents etc.), participate in discussions with experts, share resources, create online databases and resources (e.g. - an online history of their town) and be part of an on-line community that includes other teachers and students statewide. Each online unit will also include a common assessment that can be incorporated as part of each schools state-mandated Learning Results assessment system. DiscoverME will offer equal access to rich learning resources heretofore unavailable to most schools, regardless of size, geographic location or wealth. The result will be more consistency in local Maine studies curriculums, higher quality instruction, better use of available technology and improved student learning.

DiscoverME's goal is to have at least 150 teachers and 6,000 students using the project's web site as part of their Maine studies course material by the end of the 2004-05 school year. The outcomes to be assessed are: (1) The extent to teachers use and integrate technology as a regular part of their instructional repertoire; (2) The number of participating students performing at the "Meets the standard" level or better on project developed assessments given at the end of each unit and on social studies portion of the Maine Educational Assessment test results for Grade 8; and (3) The extent to which students and teachers gain new and increased appreciation for Maine and its unique heritage and environment.

Partners in the project include eleven other organizations that will provide online content and/or content expertise, including the Maine Historical Society, Maine State Museum and Maine State Archives.