Cycles 03-04


Web-based Resources

Visit the Electronic Learning Marketplace ( for an extensive list of assessment related links.


Web Site Reviews - The Annenberg Institute for School Reform's "Looking at Student Work" web site contains a great description of why looking at student work together is important. Two protocols for looking at student work are described in detail. Try the virtual protocol to experience a step-by-step understanding of one way to look at student work. There are also 13 brief descriptions of other protocols. Click on "supporting materials" for truly helpful tools, criteria, and checklists for all parts of the process of looking at and learning from student work. Click on "resources, then "student work sites to see actual student work from other places. - Performance Assessment Links in Science, supported by the National Science Foundation offers actual science tasks, many with student work and all with some accompanying technical information. Also offers a helpful step-by-step guide to developing or adapting tasks and rubrics. - The education page of the Discovery Channel's web site includes an extensive list of rubrics collected from districts around the country. Scroll down to "subject specific and general rubrics" to find the list.